Steven Nicola
Based in Surrey, UK

Founding date:
March 2015

Release date:
July 2016

iOS (Universal App, including dedicated iPad version)
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Free - one In App Purchase of $3.99 after four seasons. No other IAPs


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Hockey Agent is an innovative strategy game aimed at fans of sports management sims. Available to download for free on iPhone and iPad, you must seek out promising young hockey players and sign them to your agency with just one intention — to make money. Winning games and cups is not your concern as a hockey agent — instead, you must build up your client roster and look after your players' careers. Negotiate their contracts, find endorsements for them and look after their private lives, all the while taking your 10% of course. As the money rolls in you can buy flash status symbols — how quickly can you become a filthy rich Super Agent representing the best players in the world?


* Find promising young players and sign them up to your agency
* Get your clients through the draft – can you find a number one pick?
* Tout your players to other teams, but don’t let their GM find out!
* Negotiate contracts and bonuses on behalf of your players
* Find lucrative endorsement deals for your players – don’t worry, you’ll get your 10%!
* Upgrade your office so you can represent more players
* Upgrade your Scout to discover better players — can you find the next wonderkid?
* Upgrade your Commercial Manager to attract better sponsors
* Upgrade your Coach to improve your players' skill level
* Buy luxury items and properties — show off your bling!
* No ads
* Just one in-app purchase to unlock the full game — the first four seasons are free
* Achievements and Leaderboards on Game Center


Early history

As an English teenager I would write basic games for my BBC Micro, but I never pursued games development as a career — it just wasn't an available subject when I went to University. It seemed as if my chance to write and publish a game had been left behind in my bedroom in the late 1980s, but the phenomenal success of the App Store changed all that. The ease with which independent developers could get their products to a mass audience encouraged me to try my hand at writing a game. By now a web designer, I realised that my industry wasn't that far removed from an app developer's — after all, we both use code to present images and text on a screen — and so I set about teaching myself how to program for Apple's devices in my spare time. It was the beginning of a long but enjoyable journey.

After that

I had long thought that being a football agent was a good premise for a 'Football Manager' type game, so when I was ready to start my first project it seemed like something that would work well on the iPhone/iPad. After much planning and research I sat down to write what would eventually become Soccer Agent. Trying to earn a wage as a self employed web designer and finding time for my young family meant that progress was slow. Eight months later though Soccer Agent was released and was an instant hit, garnering 4.5 out of 5 in all time reviews worldwide in the 6 months it's been out.I then set about making Hockey Agent so that more north Americans who perhaps aren't interested in Soccer could enjoy my unique management sim, and I'm excited that it's on the verge of being released to the App Store.


"Following the massive success of my debut title Soccer Agent in Europe, I realised the idea could be applied to hockey for north Americans to enjoy," said developer Steven Nicola. "So I set about creating Hockey Agent and am very pleased with the result.""It is not just a port of Soccer Agent though with some hockey teams thrown in, it has evolved into a game in its own right. For example, in European soccer players move to different teams for transfer fees and there is no draft system. So Hockey Agent plays quite differently to Soccer Agent as the focus is on getting youngsters through the draft and eventually into the NHL. In Soccer Agent though, the focus is on getting your player to move clubs as often as possible to take your cut of the transfer fee.""I feel Hockey Agent has more depth to it as more strategic planning is involved. For example, while looking after Juniors who are yet to be drafted you will not earn any money from them as Junior players are not paid. So how many Juniors can you afford to have on your roster? Then again you can't ignore them as they could be future NHL stars, so it's up to you to find the right balance of clients for your agency."


The game is free to download, with no ads, and only features one in-app purchase — a Game Unlock for $3.99 which must be used after four seasons to continue. "I am keen for gamers to try out the game for free for the first four seasons so they can see if they like it," said Steven Nicola. "If they do and want to continue, I feel a one-off purchase is then fair for everyone."


There are currently no trailers available. Check back later for more or contact me for specific requests.


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